Deep sea port with full service

Dry Bulk & Project cargo

Dry Bulk & Project cargo

Quays / terminals for general cargo, bulk and project cargo

Port of Karlshamn is capable to handle different types of dry cargo, with focus on

Forestry products as sawn timber, pulp, paper, logs, wood chips and wood pellets. The port has capacity for vessels with a LOA of 200 m and max draft of 10,4 m. The port has Bonded storage. There is also capacity for heavy lift/out of gage and other project cargo. For example the port has experience of handling wind mills. Access from land is easy. 

HarbourMax LOA Max depth Remarks
Stilleryd harbour , west quay 200m10.5mmax LOA 200m
Stilleryd harbour, east quay 140m7.5m
Inner harbour (west quays) 160m 8.5m(AAK)


  • Total port area 1.000,000 m2 of which Stilleryd harbour 250,000m2
  • Warehouse: 45.000 m2
  • 3 Tug boats, whereof 2 ice braking (BP = Bollard Pull): "Delta" 45 t BP (ASD type), "Karlshamn" 30 t BP and
    "Harry Stone" 20 t BP
  • Ice-free all year, no tides
  • Railway tracks right to quay.

Equipment for general cargo- and bulk handling

Cranes Stilleryd

  • 2 x Mantsinen 160 2 
  • 1 x Mobile Crane (Liebherr 550) 144 t at 17 m - 40 t at 45 m
  • 1 x 35 t at 17 m (max 29 m). In co-operation 56 t
  • 1 x 20 t at 23 m (max 30 m)

Mobile cranes

  • Multidocker: 1 x 16 t (max 17 m)
  • Siwertell screw discharger (AAK): 300 t/h
  • Fork lifts: 3-42 t
  • Reachstackers: 2 x for containers/semitrailers
  • Terminal trailers 25-130 t

Handling equipment for sawn timber, pulp, timber, paper, wood chips, gravels, scrap, containers, and various bulk- and general cargo.

Other services

  • Customs 
  • Pilot station
  • Local hauliers for containers, semi trailers, bulk, liquid food stuffs, bio mass and heavy lift
  • Mobile cranes for heavy lift
  • Cargo control and inspection
  • Bonded storage