The South East Link might be a cargo railway with strategic importance in Sweden

Sydostlänken (South East Link)

Sydostlänken (South East Link)

The South East Link, is the name of a existing railway between the main North-South railway line at Älmhult and Olofström plus a 15 km missing link down to Blekinge coastal railway/Karlshamn. Important swedish Shippers are located in Olofström (Volvo Cars) and Älmhult (IKEA), generating considerable freight volumes in both directions.

The work of launching the project has been going on for some years. The Municipalities of Älmhult, Osby, Olfström and Karlshamn are co-operating with industries as IKEA, Port of Karlshamn, Sparbanken i Karlshamn, Vida AB, Volvo Cars and Volvo AB who participate actively. The regional governements are supporting the project.

The project is now included in the Swedish Governments national plan for transport infrastructure for the period 2018-2029 and the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) has commenced the planning.

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