This Privacy Policy is applicable for persons who are customers or suppliers to us.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We are anxious to protect Your privacy and handle all information and all personal data according to laws and regulations. In all cases when we handle personal data or other important information relevant measures are taken in order to stop unauthorized access, distribution, alteration or deletion.



The purpose with our Privacy Policy is to explain how we collect and use Your personal data. We also inform about Your rights and You act if You have thoughts or want to express a complaint to us.


Our objective is that You shall feel confident that Your personal integrity is protected and respected and that Your personal data is handled correct. All personal data shall be treated with care and according to the law.

Which information is handled?

You might directly or indirectly need to supply us with the following informatioh:

  • Person- and contact information: Name, date of birth, social security number, invoice- and delivery address, e-mail address, mobile telephone number etc.
  • Payment information:  invoice information, bank account number etc.

When You use our website we might collect the following information:

  • Information on how You interact with our services: How You use our servies, reaction time for pages, download malfuntion and how You reach and leave the service.
  • Computor unit information: For example IP-address, language settings, web reader settings, time zone, operating system, platform and screen resolution.

How do we use Your information?

All data is used to offer, perform and improve our services and to enforce valid agreements. We handle personal data on the following legal fundaments and for following purposes.

Purpose with handling the dataLegal Fundaments Automatic decision making*
To confirm Your identity and to verify Your personal data and contact details. Enforce comittments according to agreement with You.Yes
To adminster Your payment and customer relation, for example in order to fulfil our eventual obligations towards You and to offer information, products and services that You require from us. Enforce comittments according to agreement with You.Yes
To decide what methods of payment we can offer You, for example by doing internal och external credit ratings.Enforce comittments according to agreement with You and enforce applicable laws.Yes
For customer analysis, administration of our services and for our internal operation, including error search, data analysis, testing, research and for statistical purposes.Enforce comittments according to agreement with You and other eligible interests.Yes
To prevent misuse of our services as part of our efforts to keep the services safe and secure.Enforce comittments according to agreement with You and enforce applicable laws.Yes
To perform risk analysis, to prevent fraud and risk management.To enforce applicable laws and other eligible interests.Yes
To improve our services and for general business development, as improving models for credit risk with the purpose to minimize fraude, develop new products, functions and business opportunities.Other eligible interests.No
To enforce applicable laws, such as laws on measures preventing money laundry, book keeping laws and demands on coverage of capital costs.To enforce applicable laws.No

* It means that a decision might be taken automatically based on the information You have supplied to us and that we may use a compilation of Your data in order to have a full picture of You and Your needs.


We might use Your personal data to communicate relevant information about  services You use and information about similar services that might be of interest. Also we might use Your personal data to perform customer satisfaction surveys about our services, for example via electronic communication channels and via telephone. If You do not want to receive such communication, You are welcomed to contact us or unregister from our mailings.

Whom will we possibly share Your information with?

We might pass on to- or share Your information with selected third parties. We will take all reasonalble, technical and organisational precautions in order to safguard that all Your data will be handled in a safe manner and with a relevant security level when passing on to- or sharing with such selected third parties. We will possibly share Your information with the following parties or occasions:

Suppliers and sub-suppliers as sister companies within our company group
When needed, we will share Your personal data with suppliers or sub-suppliers in order to be able to fulfil our commitments according to our agreement with You and for other purposes stated in this policy.


We might supply necessary information to authorities as for example the Police or the Tax Agency if we are obliged to do so according to law or with Your permission.

Please observe that we will never sell Your personal data to third party without Your concent.

Where do we handle Your personal data?

We always aim to handle Your data within EU/EES. At some occasions Your data might be transferred to- and be handled in a country outside EU/EES by a company within our company group or other supplier or sub-supplier. As we are determined to always protect Your data, we will take all reasonable legal, technical and organisational measures to safeguard that Your data will be handle in a safe manner and with a adequate security level comparable with the protection offered within EU/EES.

For how long will we store Your personal data?

We will store You data as long as necessary in order to fulfil our agreed commitment with You and as long as it is legally required. When we save You data for other purposes than for our agreed commitments, for example in order to meet requirememts on measures to stop money laundry or book keeping, we save the data only for the time necessary and/or legally required for respective purpose.

Your rights to access, correction and deletion

  • Right to access to You data.
    You may demand a copy (a record of register) and verify the information we have on You, free of charge.
  • Right to correction.
    You have the right to correct incorrect or incomplete information about Yourself.
  • Right to be deleted ("the right to be forgotten")
    You have the right to demand deletion of Your personal data in those cases the information is no longer necessary for the purpose it was collected. There might be legal requirements stopping us from immediately deleting Your data. These requirements are according to book keeping- and tax law, bank- and money laundry laws, but also from consumer law. In those cases we block the data we are obliged to save, from being used for other purposes than fulfilling such legal obligations.

Cookies and tracing techniques

We use cookies and similar tracing techniques to supply flexible solutions to our users of our webservices. If You like to know more about how we are using cookies, You are welcomed to contact us. We have a IT-safety representative who can inform in detail on how we are working with personal data and protection of privacy. Please contact our swichboard for contact details.


All Managers has a responsibility to assure that all staff handling personal data has relevant education and technical resources in order to prevent unauthorized intrusion in the personal data of a registered person.

Questions, thoughts or complaints?

If You have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy or how we use Your personal data, You are welcomed to contact Karlshamns Hamn AB, by sending an e-mail to

Do you want more information?

Contact Jessica Karlsson for more information!