Swedish military forces appreciates good performance by Port of Karlshamn

17. 07. 07

- It's always very pleasing when customers give us credit for our work. When we even receive a Diploma for good performance from the Swedish military forces, it's something extra, says Pär Carlsson at Sales & Marketing, Port of Karlshamn. Pär and others were recently involved when a shipment of U.S. Army vehicles arrived to Karlshamn from Klaipeda. About 60 military vehicles was unloaded from the 200 m long car carrier "Green Ridge" . Some weighing 70 tons. The vehicles will take part in the military excercise "Aurora". All three port tug boats were assisting "Green Ridge" at arrival and departure. 

- The preparations for this project have been going on for months back in close co-operation with the military forces and the police, Pär Carlsson continues. It is a good example of Port of Karlshamns capacity, resources and flexibility in one and the same project. The Diploma for "good performance" also confirms we are customer oriented, says Pär Carlsson.


Text photo: Diploma handed over to Pär Carlsson, Port of Karlshamn by Förvaltare Fredrik Andersson from Military Region West.
Photo: Port of Karlshamn