Tracks and terminals for railway handling

Railway facilities

Rail hub of national strategic importance

The hub for rail cargo in southeast Sweden.

Port of Karlshamn have two rail terminals. One is the intermodal rail terminal with capacity for full length trains and electric locomotives.

TerminalRail nr Rail length Comments
Intermodal Terminal 2 x 700 mPlus 1 x 700 m electrificated shunting track. 25.000 m2 handling/storage area
Stilleryd west quay 4-52 x 740 mGeneral cargo / Intermodal
Stilleryd10-112 x 250 mWarehouse 7
Stilleryd6-8 160 mLPG-Terminal (Eon)
Triangle tracks Blekinge Coastal Railway-Stilleryd 600 mShort-cut to port, west approach. Electrified
Karlshamn C, Shunting yard1-5 400 m
Karlshamn C, Shunting yard 6700 mElectrified
Blekinge Coastal Railway Electrified
Equipment for rail handling
  • Forklift trucks: 3-42 t
  • Conatiner mover
  • Reachstacker for containers/trailers (reaches across two tracks)
  • Top lifts in warehouse 7: 5-45 t
  • Warehouse 45.000 m2
  • Depot surface / outdoor storage
  • Truck on rails (E.on LPG Terminal)