The most important cargo node in southeast Sweden with room for growth

Storage & Reloading

Storage & Reloading

Port of Karlshamn has 45.000 m2 warehouse capacity and 500.000 m3 storage capacity in tank farms and rock cavities. On top of that the port has 30 hectars of land for further expansion and the Municipality also has areas for new activities within warehousing and logistics adjacent to the port. Port of Karlshamn also has possibility for Bonded storage and dehumidification.

BenämningLägeYta (m2) Anmärkningar
Wareh. 1Stilleryd11.500
Wareh. 2Stilleryd5.000 heated (brick walls)
Wareh. 3Stilleryd4.000
Wareh. 4Stilleryd4.000general cargo and timber.
Wareh. 5Stilleryd4.000
Wareh. 6Stilleryd2.900Canvass warehouse with separating wall
Wareh. 7 ("Aalborg")Stilleryd2.000RoRo-terminal, heated, railway
Wareh. 7 ("Aalborg")Stilleryd6.000Ro-Ro- terminal, heated, railway, Top lifts up to 50 t
ModulStilleryd4 100heated, refrigerated storage

All 8 warehouses: 43.500 m2

Underground Storage
BenämningLägeVol (m3)
Light Oil Rock Cavity 1 Sutudden80.000
Light Oil Rock Cavity 2 Oxhaga90.000
Heavy Fuel Oil Cavity Oxhaga180.000

All 3 underground storage facilities: 350.000 m3

Tank Farms
BenämningLäge Vol (m3) Anmärkningar
202Sutudden 4.900
102Sutudden 6.800
103Sutudden 6.800
104Sutudden 4.800
105Sutudden 4.800
109Sutudden 9.900
110Sutudden 9.900
334Sutudden 2.200
321Sutudden 13.000
335Sutudden 7.400
336Sutudden 7.400
337Sutudden 3.500
338Sutudden 3.500
339Sutudden 3.500
343Sutudden 12.500
6012Sutudden 6.100

All 16  tanks: 107.000 m3. In addition there are a number of smaller tanks.

For further information and enquiries contact Jan Lysebring, Oil Terminal Manager at Oljehamnen.