Plenty of developement areas


Great opportunities

-The Port of Karlshamn, together with the neighbouring establishment areas for industry and logistics has fantastic potential for development. Karlshamn is right at the centre of the new economic force fields around the Baltic.

- Our vision is to create a transport and logistics centre, much the same as Helsingborg succeeded in doing after the second world war. Altogether this means that many new job opportunities can be created in the port area.

Storage and refinement

Storage and refinement are important services that are being developed in the area. Increasing value in cargo creates the demand for increasing quality and efficiency in cargo handling. Better quality means better monitoring of cargo using new technology, more protective handling and more environmentally adapted transport solutions.

ITS solutions* provide interesting possibilities for better monitoring of cargo besides optimization and streamlining of transportation. Blekinge Institute of Technology and NetPort are carrying out research and development in this field.

In favour of the south east link

-Road transport will continue to be important for local and regional distribution. However connections between rail and sea are becoming more and more important. The development of 'Green Corridors'  has gained political support. EU and the Swedish government have therefore supported the application for financing to foster this development within the framework the EU programme Motorway of the Sea.

- In the light of this the realisation of the South East Link project is highly probable. The ability to transport goods via the South East Link and Karlshamn will also complement transport via Skåne, a necessary development in the long term.

Logistics Karlshamn

The Municipality of Karlshamn has a special office with the task to co-oordinate development of properties for commercial activities. For example new establishments for activities within transport- and logistics in the areas adjacent to the port. Business Development Manager is Mr Mathias Wijk, who will give more information. Phone +46-(0)454-811 19, Mobile +46 (0)733-57 60 00, or