The Port of Karlshamn is strategically situated in one of the more industrial areas of south Sweden and is in an ideal position for the new trade routes between Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, the Baltics and Russia. Most of the capitals and population centres of the Baltic region can be reached within 12 hours.

At the Port of Karlshamn there are railway tracks to the quays and warehouses. The port is only 2 km from the electrified coastal railway. The shunting yard is at present located at Karlshamn Central Station, however the port is also directly accessible via a triangle track. There are plans to move the shunting yard to the port area. The rail track down to the port / Intermodal Terminal is electrified.

Karlshamn Port is only 2 km from the E22 highway to Malmö and the R29 to Växjö. All traffic bypasses the town centre.

The nearest airport is just 30 km away at Kallinge/Ronneby, with flights several times daily to Stockholm (both Arlanda and Bromma).

The broadband network in the port area is under construction.

There is a plentiful supply of power in the port area, in the form of environmentally friendly distance heating and LPG.