National attention on the business focus of the port

Our attitude has always been that we ‘look at this like any other type of business’. We are, as always, focusing on the business and on achieving an optimal solution for the customer. 

This is where our competence and resources lie. The Nord Stream 2 project was intended to be a very large and good piece of business for the Port of Karlshamn.” “But we are obviously conscious of the fact that the Nord Stream project has both national and international political and strategic security dimensions, which are managed at a political level. In this case, Nord Stream 2 is ‘not just any project’. A project which engages politicians like Merkel, Putin, Biden, Löfvén, Wallström and Nato, the EU etc. is not just any project. But it is, in our opinion, not reasonable that a matter where national and international leaders hold different perceptions, should be handled by the managers at the Port of Karlshamn.”   “The Port of Karlshamn is a large port, operating in an international environment. A variety of goods with a variety of different origins, owners and areas of use pass through all large ports.” “The Port of Karlshamn is keen to adhere to all rules, regulations, laws and agreements that are applicable. But the Port of Karlshamn does not make its own laws. Neither do we have our own politics.” “Our focus is on business and to see that optimal solutions for the customers bear fruit. We are experiencing good growth in many areas, and in recent years we have brought about a clear change in the emphasis of our business “from tonnes to kronor” in close collaboration with our customers. Traditional handling of for example stone has consistently been replaced with more qualified handling that raises values for the customers. We have continuously strengthened and upgraded our resources and our competence within such areas. And we are pleased to say that these initiatives are well in line with our customers’ needs.” “We continue to work with our business in focus!”