Focus on "Sydostlänken" when Swedish Government visited Port of Karlshamn

Focus on "Sydostlänken"

Focus on "Sydostlänken" when Swedish Government visited Port of Karlshamn

The Vice Chairman of Swedish Governments Committee on Transport & Communication, Jessica Rosencrantz visited Port of Karlshamn. Apart from information about the positive development in the port and growing cargo volumes east-west, representatives for Volvo Cars, IKEA AB and Green Cargo addressed the importance of building the 11 km short missing railway link "Sydostlänken" (South East Link) from Karlshamn to Olofström (Volvo Cars). Further connecting Älmhult (IKEA) and the main North-South railway line. A comparatively small infrastructural investment, profitable from a national economical view, considering the great benefit for transportation of freight and passengers. 

On the picture, from left: Richard Kirchner (Mng. Sales, Green Cargo), Jessica Rosencrantz, Jonas Knutsson (Senior Mng. Op.Dev. &

Communication, Volvo Cars Body Components), Mats Olsson (CEO Port of Karlshamn) and Michael Stjernquist (CEO IKEA AB). Photo: Port of Karlshamn, Ulf Sandevärn


For further information, please contact CEO Port of Karlshamn, Mats Olsson on +46-454-30 50 00.