Port facts

A major port in Sweden:

Port of Karlshamn if one of the largest in Sweden and is the largest and deepest in the south-east There are six port areas with altogether 3 kilometres of quay and 750 000 m2 of surface area. The sea approach is short and easily navigated. The port is free of ice and unaffected by tides. Most of the vessels permitted to enter the Baltic Sea can call Karlshamn as HandySize and small PanaMax for dry goods and tankers up to about 100,000 dwt. The Port of Karlshamn has the capacity to handle all types of cargo and all sizes of vessel.

Through the port and other suppliers a comprehensive range of logistical services can be provided locally, such as storage and distribution of dry, liquid and refrigerated goods. The Customs authority have their regional head offices here and there is a local Pilot station. There is plenty of logistical know-how available through the local cluster and through local University Campus. For example there is the Blekinge Institute of Technology with its courses and research into 'intelligent logistics'.

Examples of services available:

  • Six harbour areas with a total of 3km of quay for berthing
  • Loading and discharging of all types of cargo 24 hours a day, all year round
  • Ferry terminal with passenger facilities
  • Railway to the quay and warehouse, with facilities for handling indoor with top lift
  • Private tugs
  • Warehouse storage of dry goods: 43,000 m2
  • Storage of liquid goods in tanks and underground storage: 500,000 m3
  • Areas for Parking and depot of trailers and containers.
  • Stuffing, stripping and securing of loads