Pipe Logistics important factor for further expansion of Port of Karlshamn

17. 10. 02

On September 27th there was held a press conference in Karlshamn on initiative from Nord Stream II, where Nord Stream, Wasco Coating (Port of Karlshamns' customer) and Port of Karlshamn informed and gave a guided tour.

-The contribution this project will make to the port is very important. But it's far from the only thing we work with at the moment. We have stable growth in all segments and keep full focus on the pipe logistics and all other business in order to keep our customers satisfied, says Mats Olsson, CEO at Port of Karlshamn.

-The attention on the pipe project has been very big, much more and more intense than we expected. We are used to make business, but without such attention from media and politics.

-However, for Port of Karlshamn, as a business driven company, the attention has been mostly positive. It's now widely spread that Port of Karlshamn is business oriented and has capacity and resources and we see opportunities for new interesting business, says Mats Olsson. 


The preparations for the project with Wasco Coating is now in the final phase for receiving the first pipes from Germany. Port of Karlshamn will do the operation with discharge of vessels, transport to/from storage. The pipes will be stored on the ports new area adjacent to the quays. An area of 260.000 m2 is prepared and fenced and the port is employing 30 persons for the first part of the project. The first pipes are to be received the first week of October 2017. The first lot of 26.000 pipes is delivered during 5-6 months. Alltogether the port will handle 52.000 pipes.


-Of course we hare happy to bring this deal home and that all is now starting up, says Mats Olsson. Port of Karlshamn was also an alternative for Nord Stream 1, which was completed in 2011, and there were negotiations. But at that time Port of Karlshamn did not have the capacity as we have today. The port has been growing and has developed since then so we now can cope with a project like this. This is a good example of the ports successful long term strategy for development.  

-The direct result of this project is that Port of Karlshamn will handle about 1,2 million tons of cargo for the next 3 years and we need to employ 30-60 people for different periods of the project. Financially is is a good deal for Port of Karlshamn, contributing to the financial base for future invesments,

-Indirectly we will have 260.000 m2 new areas, meaning expanded port area of +40%, offering opportunities for further increased cargo volumes and new business. As a bonus, the media attention has made Port of Karlshamn known for large capacity and resources on a international arena. 

Photo: Gunnel Persson, Sydöstran