Extra ferry results in new record volumes Karlshamn-Klaipeda

16. 09. 01

The ferry traffic Karlshamn-Klaipeda continue to grow with new records for freight volumes. The passenger volumes however do not fully live up to our expectations. The line has shown a substantial growth for freight and passengers. Due to increased demand, DFDS Seaways decided to deploy a third vessel on the route in spring 2016, meaning a considerable capacity increase. So far the investment has paid off.

- The result was very positive. So far we have seen a increase of freight volumes with 15 percent, says Site Manager Lars Malmström. The figures for passengers are also positive, but a bit lower than we hoped for. July was in level with 2015, but August will exceed last year.

- During July we reached 14.000 passengers during a single month for the first time, but hoped for even higher figures, Lars Malmström continues. A positive trend is the increased percentage of Swedish passengers. We have more bus tours and many golfers choosed to travel from Karlshamn to play in Klaipeda.

Source: Sydöstran

Photo: DFDS A/S