Description and goals

The Port of Karlshamn Business Concept

The Port of Karlshamn shall offer customer-friendly comprehensive solutions within the field of port-, terminal- and transport services, in such a way as to provide good long-term profitability and encourage development in the region.

Our vision is that:

The Port of Karlshamn shall have a significant intermodal position in the south-east Baltic region, focusing on development, and be perceived as one of the largest, most customer-friendly and efficient ports in Sweden.

Our objectives are:

  • to be one of Sweden's strategic ports
  • to be considered a major port in south-east Sweden, specializing in energy-, forestry- and bulk products and ro-ro traffic.
  • to be considered an active participant in the development of organizations and projects, both in Karlshamn and elsewhere, that are of long-term importance for the aims of the Port of Karlshamn.
  • to be at the cutting edge of technological development
  • to operate with a high and constantly improving level of environmental and safety awareness
  • to be recognised by personnel and others working in the field as a developing organization with clear goals, on-going in-service training and open communication.